Insights to Impact

City Movement hosts an annual tour called “Insights to Impact” for 30 of the most populated cities across Canada to help Christian leaders consider how they can work together more effectively in their city.


At these gatherings, we review the latest data on the activity and trends of all Christian ministries in various cities and compare them to the needs in that city. We help leaders uncover opportunities for greater impact in their city. These reports are generated by WayBase, a data-driven platform that enables ministries to partner on strategic goals and to track collective impact in our cities and nation.


We highlight major initiatives from local Christian ministries that are designed to positively impact the greatest needs in their city. We provide an opportunity for leaders to interact on these initiatives to help increase shared understanding and collaboration.


We also update leaders on the vision and work of our national network of Christian ministries and charities. This network enables leaders to see, measure, track, and analyze the collective impact of the Christian movement in Canada.

2020 Tour Becomes National Survey and Call

From February to June 2019, over 2,300 Christian church, ministry, and charity leaders attended gatherings in 31 of the most populated cities across Canada to consider how we can work more effectively in our cities.

In February 2020, we had a 30 city national tour booked when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With our partners, we pivoted to conduct a national survey on the Impact of COVID-19 on Christian ministries and host a national call with Dr. Robert Strang, Chief Medical Officer of Health of Nova Scotia. 3,000 leaders participated in the survey and 3,500+ leaders participated in the national call.

2020 National Call Partners