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Our Story

Cities are increasingly challenging places for people and organizations to thrive.

Our Story

Cities are increasingly challenging places for people and organizations to thrive. Many struggle to adapt to rapid changes in culture, technology, demographics, and rising costs. There is a real increase in feelings of isolation and anxiety among individuals. Younger generations are increasingly disengaging from their faith and their faith communities. Churches and ministries are facing significant challenges in engaging younger generations and demonstrating their impact.

In response to this challenge, a small team of senior leaders from one of Canada’s largest churches launched City Movement in the fall of 2015. We joined with Movement.org, an international network of Christian leaders from 200 global cities, to work together to impact our cities through Jesus’ message and mission.

Our initial focus was to engage key leaders in Canada and some key cities in the US to listen deeply and reflect on the state of the Church in major cities. We studied emerging global trends to identify issues impacting younger generations.

In 2016, we led a 12 week Millennial Think Tank examining their perspective on the future of the church. We also investigated opportunities in digital platforms, data analytics, and transmedia storytelling.

By 2017, we recognized two strategic opportunities. The first was to build a platform that would serve the broader church, a kind of movement map that would enable Christians and ministries to collaborate together. The second was to support FaithTech, a growing and innovative ministry that was mobilizing Christians working in technology.

By the end of this year we are publicly launching WayBase. We are excited about the future of the movement!


We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.


Tim Day

Tim combines a passion for leadership, strategy and innovation with a rich understanding of the Biblical narrative and its principles of transformation and growth. Tim served for fourteen years as the senior pastor at The Meeting House, a multi-site church that grew from a few hundred people to over 5000 people in cities across Ontario. He is also the author of God Enters Stage Left, a creative retelling of God’s story.


Sandra Nicholas

Sandra possesses unique strengths in developing teams and efficient systems to accomplish big goals. Over the past twelve years, she helped develop one of Canada’s largest churches, The Meeting House’s, multi-site strategy that grew from a single church site to 16 locations throughout Ontario. She has led large support and communications teams and regularly consults in the areas of multi-site design, staff management, and administrative systems.


Jackie Hurst

Jackie brings our team years of experience in business management, client relations, event coordination and administration. She is passionate about the collaboration and unity of the church across the globe. Jackie has worked in higher education, global nonprofits, and has even volunteered for the Olympics. She loves her family, friends, sports, and music.


Tim Broomer

Tim has extensive experience as a lead technical architect and has helped design and build mass scale platforms with high user engagement. Tim’s work with City Movement is an extension of our partnership with Silent Partner Software in the development of a platform to serve Christian ministries across Canada. Tim also is actively engaged in youth ministry in his local church and brings a heart for engaging a new generation.


Rhrodri Mativo

Rhodri is experienced with web and media design as well as building business automation systems. As a member of both the Silent Partner Software and City Movement teams, Rhodri has a strong drive to serve nonprofit organizations. Rhodri displays a genuine love for his faith and family. He volunteers within his local community and parish.


James Kelly

James is the founder and leader of FaithTech. City Movement and FaithTech are partners in resourcing movements in cities. He is passionate about igniting conversations, collaborations, and creations in the tech space for Jesus. James’ vision for FaithTech is to become a global hub for FaithTech conversations, integrations, and innovations. James was also a participant in our Millennial Think Tank.


City Movement works with a growing number of international, national, and local ministries to accomplish our shared vision.


City Movement relies on the generosity of those who are motivated to support out work.